About Polyphonic

Polyphonic aims to influence social change by providing filmmakers and artists with an equal opportunity to tell stories about social and economic injustices that will empower and influence social change. This organization also aims to provide artists and filmmakers with a creative space to work and engage the community. Polyphonic exhibits and produces films about oppressed individuals and communities of color and/or poverty.



Jessika Ward

Jessika Ward is an award winning multimedia journalist, documentarian, influencer, and activist.

Co-Founder and Vice President

James Ward

James Ward is a retired educator (over 30 years). Ward studied fine arts in college and is the founder and CEO of ReWards Sports LLC, a company that provides learning and athletic opportunities to students K-12.

Co-Founder and Secretary

Katrina Ward

Katrina Ward is an educator of over 30 years. Her passion in literature and the arts comes from the exposure her mom provided her at an early age. 

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